October 27, 2018

Get Out and Track It

Are you ready to Catch the King?

Fall is the season of king tides, and one of the highest of the year is forecast for the morning of Saturday, October 27.

Hampton Roads is a part of the global effort of coastal communities to measure the impact of king tides as a way of preparing for sea level rise.

Every bit of data counts, and it's citizens like you who are gathering it. Ready to get involved?


Volunteer Opportunities

King Tide Mapper

Use the app to drop GPS pins the day of the high tide.

In this role, you’ll use a phone app to drop GPS pins during the high tide Oct. 27. Before then, we’ll need you to go through training with the app. And you’ll be assigned to a Tide Captain who’ll help you choose a mapping location on the big day. That’ll keep us from having too many volunteers mapping the same location.


King Tide Captain

Perform mapping duties and manage a small team.

Every big project needs leaders, and here’s your chance to step up. Tide Captains lead small groups of mappers, helping to make sure they’re trained in the SeaLevelRise app and working with our Volunteer Coordinator to choose mapping areas. Captains are encouraged to host practice mappings of their own.


Tide Watcher

Document flooding at trouble spots along the shore.

We want as many people as possible on Oct. 27. But if you can’t get out that day, you still can help. Sign up as a Tide Watcher, and we’ll help you learn how to record flooding trouble spots throughout the year. It’ll help give us a better handle on where the risks are and might help your neighborhood get action on a pressing problem.


News & Announcements

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More than 500 volunteers took 1,100 photos and collected 53,000 GPS data points in the debut year of our king tide event. Click here

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